August 04, 2005

An Odd Walk

My lowered blogging output is, in part, due to exiting the independent consulting field and going back to wage slave status. It's not a bad job but it certainly isn't as flexible as my prior working arrangements. It does get me to downtown Chicago though. I drive in and park a bit south of the loop and walk my way into the center of the city.

You think of Chicago as a regular big city, filled to bursting at the center with tall buildings, gradually tapering off to wider spaces. It's not true here though. If you walk down Wacker Drive from the Sears tower, it's not ten minutes until Wacker stops and Ts right at a huge field with nothing on it. I'm not talking about an empty city block but 8 acres of absolutely empty, for sale land, right on the edge of one of the largest urban downtowns in the Midwest. I can't even imagine what I'd do with that much land. There is no point to the story except watch your assumptions. I wonder what David Sucher would do with it?

Posted by TMLutas at August 4, 2005 09:42 PM