June 18, 2005

Schiavo Finale II

I just saw the National Review editorial on Schiavo's autopsy and despite my previous "finale" I can't let this pass. I understand where they're coming from but they're missing the point. The facts do matter. They're right that we don't have all of them but we do have more of them than we had before. The tussle over the denial of rehabilitative therapy, while not the end argument, was an important chapter over Schiavo's case and that's pretty much resolved in Michael Schiavo's favor. Whatever else, he seems to have decided right on that matter. It is important to be faithful to the truth and grant the other side (when they are right) their legitimate victories.

The ultimate question is at what point do you just let people go. Terri Schiavo stood close to the line but over time the line moved. Moving that line wasn't a good idea as we shall no doubt see in the future but the only way that we're going to have a hope of reforging consensus on the subject is by breaking our current political debating culture. The NR editorial doesn't do a thing to advance that and that is a real shame.

Posted by TMLutas at June 18, 2005 10:33 AM