June 11, 2005

Tax Funded Pseudo-Science

Every time a major scientific figure argues beyond the evidence in favor of a policy point under color of science they are committing pseudo-science. CDC Director Julie Gerberding is doing it over obesity. Aside from the disgusting possibility that we're trying to extend the prevalence of unscientific, outdated weight guidelines and spending tax money to increase mortality overall, Director Gerberding's also doing something else, discrediting science in general.

The entire scientific community has a responsibility to science itself to ensure that it is and remains a neutral player committed most of all to the truth and politics or pet theories be damned. When physicists maintain that commitment, they enhance the credibility of not only their own field but of scientists in general. The reverse is true. By attacking a legitimate study without coming up with any challenges to the actual data gathered, the message is given that science isn't impartial, it does have an ax to grind, and it's not to be trusted.

Posted by TMLutas at June 11, 2005 10:55 AM