June 02, 2005

My Wonderful Librarian

My wife has a talent for finding books for me. She's the first to give me a true understanding of France and the problem it poses for Europe and she did it with a book she gave me for my birthday, a book that took me over a month to get through (and usually I'm a very fast reader). It was like I stepped off a cliff and instead of falling, I soared. Now she's gone and done it again in a completely different arena, my spiritual life. Partner, friend, lover, companion, my better half, and on top of it all, a great librarian.

I'll get around to properly reviewing The Need for Roots at some point but it's not the only winner she's graced me with.

{Ed: I stripped out the rest because the rest of the article turned into a review in truth and that doesn't fit with the title and the opening. It'll be the next item}

Posted by TMLutas at June 2, 2005 09:34 AM