February 16, 2005

Some AIDS Sanity Emerges

The gay community, after a quarter century, has finally started catching up with public health officials.

While many are calling for a renewed commitment to prevention efforts and free condoms, some veterans of the war on AIDS are advocating an entirely new approach to the spread of unsafe sex, much of which is fueled by a surge in methamphetamine abuse. They want to track down those who knowingly engage in risky behavior and try to stop them before they can infect others.

It is a radical idea, born of desperation, that has been gaining ground in recent months as a growing number of gay men become infected despite warnings about unsafe sex.

Although gay advocates and health care workers are just beginning to talk about how this might be done, it could involve showing up at places where impromptu sex parties happen and confronting the participants. Or it might mean infiltrating Web sites that promote gay hookups and thwarting liaisons involving crystal meth.

Other ideas include collaborating with health officials in tracking down the partners of those newly infected with H.I.V. At the very least, these advocates say, gay men must start taking responsibility for their own, before a resurgent epidemic draws government officials who could use even more aggressive tactics.

"Gay men do not have the right to spread a debilitating and often fatal disease," said Charles Kaiser, a historian and author of "The Gay Metropolis." "A person who is H.I.V.-positive has no more right to unprotected intercourse than he has the right to put a bullet through another person's head," he said.

Once this new ethic takes hold, whenever it finally does, and creates a new homosexual consensus, I would expect that infection rates will finally start dropping from their depressingly persistent rate of 40k a year. Once we figure out the long-term effectiveness of these common sense measures, we can start counting the corpses of the unnecessary dead, the people who could have been saved but weren't because of liberal political correctness and homosexual militancy.

RIP to the victims, by then most of the perpetrators themselves will likely be deceased.

HT: Michael Williams

Posted by TMLutas at February 16, 2005 12:23 AM