February 05, 2005

SOTU 2005: Education Noose Tightening

Continuing my belated SOTU analysis, here's a bit on education:

To make our economy stronger and more dynamic, we must prepare a rising generation to fill the jobs of the 21st century. Under the No Child Left Behind Act, standards are higher, test scores are on the rise, and we're closing the achievement gap for minority students. Now we must demand better results from our high schools, so every high school diploma is a ticket to success.

The argument on the right over NCLB was always about giving too much away to Ted Kennedy. Those on the right who supported NCLB claimed that the giveaway was worth it because the noose around incompetent teachers and dysfunctional schools would be tightened step by step over time. The other side didn't buy the idea that continual pressure was politically possible. The noose tighteners seem to have won a round.

Posted by TMLutas at February 5, 2005 01:35 AM