January 23, 2005

Islamic Genocide

In the same article noting the provincial state of security in Iraq comes a very sad tale of Sunni brutality towards a Shia wedding party:

The "Sunni problem" is very complicated because of 2 reasons. First, the Sunni Baathists and aristocracy lost power and they simply want it back. I am not sure whether they will settle for a compromise. Second, the Sunni barbaric animalistic Wahabis/Salafist will never sit with the Shias on the same table and share the country. In other words, you can't negotiate with those guys.

Yesterday one of those animals packed an ambulance with explosives and rammed the vehicle into a Shia wedding party. The bride and the groom were killed along with scores of other people. What kind of person will sacrifice his own life just to kill a number of Shias??!!

Given the Darfur precedent my hopes aren't high for recognition but, isn't the Sunni Salafist ideological contention that Shia are apostate inevitably going to lead to an attempt at genocide? Compared to the Sunni world, the Shia are really small potatoes demographically. It's quite unlikely that they would survive in a disconnected islamic world with Salafist jihadi in charge.

Posted by TMLutas at January 23, 2005 09:01 AM