January 18, 2005

The Little Guy

Amy Ridenour stands up for the little guy getting ahead by serving the fat cats who attend the inauguration. It's a transfer of wealth, not a waste of it. Her post reminds me of the old "luxury tax" that was imposed years ago. Democrats put it in as a blow against the rich but took it right out as ordinary people who built yachts and other luxury items for the rich saw their incomes evaporate as the tax kept rich people's money inside their wallets.

The argument is similar here. Spending your wealth increases economic mobility as the rich slow their rise or move down a bit in wealth and the ordinary service workers maybe get enough extra money to work on that nest egg to start their own businesses or expand.

But this kind of wealth transfer doesn't have the State involved so it's not to Democrat government unions' liking. They don't get their cut and that makes it illegitimate in their eyes.

So sad.

Posted by TMLutas at January 18, 2005 09:14 AM