December 13, 2004

Cuomo's Fake Science

Science concerns itself with certain parts of human existence. It doesn't touch others at all. Mario Cuomo, unfortunately, hasn't figured that out. He thinks that science can define where to draw the line on when constitutional protections begin and end, as well as whether gay relationships should be promoted or discouraged.

Sorry, governor, there's no scientific basis for universal suffrage either so why isn't a scientific intelligence or sanity test for the franchise on your list of things to put in the hands of the guys with white lab coats? Science has a lot to teach us about the world but it doesn't solve every problem and pretending it does is just another sort of faith.

A faith in science is not scientific.Science deals in physical evidence, the world as it is. Politics is something that deals with not only the world as it is but the world as it should be. In that world, science, true science has little to say. Cuomo's version of science has all too much to say about it though, more's the pity.

Posted by TMLutas at December 13, 2004 05:39 PM