November 03, 2004

Gay Marriage Referendums and the WOT

One of the things that the observant muslims will note about the US election is the 11 states holding referendums and widely rejecting the idea of homosexual marriage recognized by the state. One of the staples of Islamist criticism of the US is our sexual immorality and wickedness. Yet here the people were given a chance to speak and, from the muslim point of view stepped up and provided the correct answer without any need for state or religious coercion. This has got to seem an improvement over the religious police of the KSA and the violent enforcement of sharia by gang violence that is all too prevalent throughout the muslim world.

A great deal of what will improve our relations with the islamic world is not what we say to them directly but our example, lived out without thought of influencing others, in living a good life in both public and private spheres.

Posted by TMLutas at November 3, 2004 03:30 PM