July 29, 2004

Kerry Speech Blogging

(all times CST)

Yup, they're going to try to flank Bush from the right on national security. Starting off with a salute and "reporting for duty" says it all.

We had 50 years of peace and prosperity? What happened to Korea, Vietnam, stagflation?

judge me by my rhetoric? I bet you the transcript says judge me by my record. Either is ok for Kerry, just not in combination.

"She (Mrs. Kerry) speaks her mind and she speaks the truth." That's going straight into the campaign commercial feedstock. Wait for it to come out every Theresa gaffe.

blood... pressure... soaring...
Somebody should book Kerry for grand theft of record. Three quarters, if not more, of what Kerry is touting is exactly what George Bush is doing.

Yes, the flag belongs to everybody, but when people make a habit of burning it, trampling on it, tearing it to pieces, and flying it upside down to just make a political point are not how you respect that shared symbol. Kerry can't reclaim the flag for the Democrats without challenging the desecrators.

Privatization, benefit cuts, and tax increases are the available solutions to fix social security. Kerry just took the first two off the table. At the peak of the baby boomer demographic bulge, that would mean a >50% payroll tax.

Hey, let's swap tax loopholes around! I'm going to enjoy hearing the details on that one.

Is anybody going to believe that all the spending promises are going to be covered by tax increases for the wealthy? And a tax cut for the middle class to boot. Can we have a pony with that too?

You want to cut wasteful tests out? Pass a loser pays tort reform. That's not going to happen in an administration with Sen. John Edwards, Esq.

Drug reimportation? That's going to be gotterdamerung for socialized drug systems in any country that we authorize reimports

Now that's a nasty insinuation, that Bush is misusing the Constitution for political purposes.

And then he has the gall to talk about taking the high road!

Now believing in science is an issue to campaign on?

On the bright side, he got in and out on time. All in all it wasn't as bad as I feared but that was only because what was in the speech was so vague that it was impossible to see it as meaning much. A lot of great things that we'd like to fund but we don't have the money for.

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