July 28, 2004

Iron Blog Subjects: AIDS Funding

Going through the Iron Blog topic list:

How much do you fund efforts to cure a disease? Do you increase funding to placate the crazy protestors outside your door or do you fund strictly on the basis of how many people are dying and could they have done anything to not get the disease? In the case of AIDS funding, clearly we're over funding based on heavy mau-mauing of legislators all over the 1st world.

AIDS is avoidable in a way that breast cancer isn't yet AIDS funding trumps breast cancer funding by quite a bit as it trumps most other diseases in federal dollar funding even though it affects fewer people, kills fewer people than several other diseases.

In the end, this is a despicable decision by politicians who want to live their lives undisturbed by protests more than they want to save lives by prioritizing research into the cures for the biggest killers. We all deserve better.

Posted by TMLutas at July 28, 2004 01:01 PM