July 21, 2004

I Wonder About Berger

Now that Sandy Berger has dropped from the Kerry campaign, there isn't much to say about the sad affair until actual evidence comes out and there's a decision on prosecution. The only question left is what did Kerry know and when did he know it? Was there a time when the sentiment was uttered that it's ok to be a foreign policy advisor for the campaign and be under criminal investigation for illegally removing classified material at the same time as long as the media doesn't get ahold of it?

There are two ways of answering that question. The first is from inside the campaign. They do have a self-interest to shade the truth if they knew earlier so any statements of denial have to be weighed against their general commitment to truth-telling on other issues (frankly, I'm not impressed). The other way of telling would be for the investigative bodies to let us know if, as part of the investigation, the Kerry campaign had been contacted about this matter and when such contact occurred. This could still turn into a two day story with some continued deft PR on the part of the Kerry campaign. I hope that the AP report on Berger was the first they knew of the story for their sakes. But then, what does that say about Sandy Berger?

Posted by TMLutas at July 21, 2004 11:19 AM