July 19, 2004

Coming to a Sensible Solution

Steven Den Beste's doing on his side (pro-gay marriage) what I was doing yesterday on my side (pro-traditional marriage) cleaning up weak arguments. This is something of a necessity, especially when you have allies who are fouling up your own side and weakening your own arguments unintentionally. Of course, SDB's version is much longer and wide ranging.

I'm somewhat encouraged because I think that the worst part about how this whole issue is unfolding is the speed and stealth which it's coming to be. What's been sorely lacking have been pro-gay marriage forces who seriously want to examine marriage, what it does, and try, in good faith, to predict, measure, and react to the data as it becomes available. SDB's the sort of empiricist who should have little problem dropping gay marriage if, objectively, it has the negative effects that the traditionalists say it does. I wish him luck in cleaning up his side as I'm sure he would wish me in cleaning up my own.

The point of the exercise is, in the end, both sides present their best arguments, answer them, and hopefully the best side wins and becomes public policy. That's the sort of level politics is supposed to be at. Let's hope we someday get to that point.

Posted by TMLutas at July 19, 2004 10:02 AM