July 17, 2004

Open Carry Logic

Josh Chafetz doesn't quite 'get' why open carry is legal without permit in places like Virginia while concealed carry requires a permit. The logic is pretty straightforward. The problem with concealed carry isn't the gun itself, but rather the false expectation that the person is unarmed when he is not. It's something of an anti-false advertising law.

If you go into a bar looking for a fight, chances are you won't start with the guy who has a gun on his hip unless you're truly suicidal. If you're just looking for a little light lawbreaking and a night in the drunk tank, you'll get it under the Virginia system, but the concealed carry permit system reduces the number of times you'll get pallbearers instead.

It's a reasonable 2nd amendment restriction that people who carry guns have to advertise that fact unless they're tested and demonstrate a superior level of skill at handling arms and keeping their cool. Now that doesn't mean that people who can conceal carry have to conceal their weapons. It just gives them an option. So when the police overstep their bounds and arrest legal gun toters, a small political demonstration is in order and the hip holsters come out of storage.

It'll probably die down in a few months after everybody gets a refresher course in the law. The problem really is one of not bothering people legally going about their business without violating the law. What the heck are police officials doing urging private security to eject people who are lawfully going about their business?

Posted by TMLutas at July 17, 2004 11:37 AM