July 13, 2004

The Secret Appeal of Red

If there is one thing that I've secretly envied the communists, it was their savvy in staking out and truly owning certain symbols as their own that were attractive on their own. The rose as a symbol of socialist parties is one example but I always thought the color red was their best shot. Red is emotion, flame, warmth, energy, and wherever you turned politically, it was on the left.

Now that the USSR is collapsed and the TV networks decided to swap colors and show the Republican states in red, it's started to be safe to indulge in red imagery without worry of association with the pathological 'reds'. Now, Tacitus has completely broken the association with his new site Red State. It's really a delightful bit of cultural subversion. Watch out you cool, soulless blue state types the red state is coming for YOU!


Posted by TMLutas at July 13, 2004 01:29 PM