July 09, 2004

Missing the Obvious

Even at this point, NPR can get pretty clueless about the importance of conventional family formation. This morning they just did a straight report on an Indiana investigation on why 38% of foster care kids are black. The relevant stats are 10% of Indiana's population is black, 18% of proven abuse is in black families, and 38% of the kids in foster care are black. The fact that the number of intact mother and father households in the black community is so low doesn't merit a mention even though it's pretty obvious how it can affect both pathologies, the elevated abuse stats (more boyfriends cycling through single moms' houses and beating on the kids) and fewer relatives (with absent fathers' relatives being less willing to take in kids that aren't truly in the family).

It's errors of omission like this that make up a large portion of liberal bias. Usually I let this kind of thing float by but today I felt like venting.

Posted by TMLutas at July 9, 2004 09:39 AM