July 07, 2004

Making My Dad Happy

My dad is a tough customer to please and he's not truly sold on all this fancy shmancy Internet stuff. About two and a half years ago, he gave me a problem to solve to let me 'show off' e-commerce. He wanted me to find and get him a very special movie, The Leopard, with Burt Lancaster.

He doesn't make things easy. It's a 1963 classic but wasn't available anywhere for any price. I've always felt guilty about not finding the thing for him and periodically type the title in as a search string. I really started getting intrigued when it Rick Brookheiser pronounced The Leopard as "one of the two most conservative movies of all time". But always, no luck. At most I could come up with a non-region 1 coded disk with a German translation which would simply not do.

Today, bingo:

It's on its way dad.

Posted by TMLutas at July 7, 2004 05:49 PM