May 18, 2004

Bush Screwed Up

I've been challenged by an old friend to list some of the mistakes of the Bush administration. He thinks I engage in excessive cheerleading to the point where I never admit Bush could be wrong. So, here's a list in no particular order.

1. I think Bush has fouled up explaining an awful lot of things. This includes:
a. marriage
b. his space initiative
c. what the end of the GWOT would look like
d. Alaska drilling
e. and other items I'll probably think of after I hit send

2. I think that George W. Bush has failed to follow up on Social Security reform sufficiently, tort reform is just paid lip service, judicial reform to reign in legislating from the bench is a missed opportunity, and malpractice reform is a no show.

3. George W. Bush has failed to reform the State Department in any meaningful way and this is a serious failure when you have a bipartisan judgment that our State department is institutionally handicapped.

4. The steel tariffs were a mistake.

5. Defending our agricultural subsidy regime is a mistake too.

6. Tenet hasn't been fired yet. In general, too much dead wood is still around in various departments

7. Ashcroft needs to concentrate more on security/crime with actual victims

8. Too little fat has been cut in Bush's budget proposals

9. Greenspan is not God and not immortal. Bush hasn't gotten us ready for the upcoming post-Greenspan era.

10. Bush didn't veto the execrable copyright extension act.

I'll still vote for him come November.

Posted by TMLutas at May 18, 2004 03:18 PM