May 14, 2004

Dictator T Shirts

The Dissident Frogman is a delightfully subversive French/English bilingual blog. He sells merchandise as well and sells two delightful shirts, Che Guevera and Karl Marx both sprouting Mickey Mouse ears. He's a daily read for me.

Looking at his front page today, I started to think about the shirts and what made them funny. What was the joke? Was it that these self-important revolutionaries were being made fun of? Or was it the fact that the left has long sold shirts without the mockery and worn Che and Karl on their chests with pride?

So who is being made fun of?

As a thought experiment, why not have Ceausescu "get the Mickey" or even more risque, why not give the treatment to Mikhail Gorbachev. He's still around to comment on the use of his image in that fashion.

So which is it gentle readers, that is getting made fun of? Dictators, or the useful idiots on the left who wear their portraits on their chest?

Posted by TMLutas at May 14, 2004 01:43 AM