May 13, 2004


Jon Henke of QandO reports that he is a neolibertarian. He sounds suspiciously like me in my beliefs though I've adopted the practical libertarian, or more exact practical minarchist than the neolibertarian label because I thing that this provides more information regarding actual beliefs than a neo-style label.

The libertarian movement is highly fractious but one of the biggest problems is the divide between those who are purists who refuse the responsibility of getting stuff done if they have to compromise their beliefs and those who want to slice the salami nibbling at the statist enterprise and weakening it in small bites every month.

The purists, unfortunately, have the commanding heights of the Libertarian party and just call themselves libertarians while the salami slicers have to put modifiers like neo, or use other terms like classical liberal or practical minarchists to separate themselves from the people who insist on monopolizing conversations with the urgent topic of legalizing heroin parties to celebrate man-boy weddings.


Posted by TMLutas at May 13, 2004 04:47 PM