May 06, 2004

Which Scandal Would You Like

1. Chalabi cronies get sweet no-bid contract investigating UN
2. Bremer aids in UN oil-for-bribes stonewall, halting investigation

It looks like Bremer chose scandal #2 in this no-win situation. Chalabi wanted to get to the bottom of things and opened up his rolodex to (probably honestly) just figure out who was dirty. Bremer knows that in the current atmosphere in Washington, opening your rolodex and making a few phone calls is just not good enough. You'll get your head handed to you and the chances for a permanent failure in Iraq grow just a bit more with each one of those. So he halts things until a tender can go out and takes the heat until the paperwork is done.

So which scandal would you have taken?

Posted by TMLutas at May 6, 2004 07:37 PM