April 28, 2004

Option This Iraqi War Story

Hollywood, or anybody smart enough to beat them, has a ready made war movie script playing out in Najaf:

There is apparently an Iraqi sniper operating in Najaf, killing al Sadr gunmen one by one. This, not surprisingly, has unnerved the al Sadr gangs, and caused them to act brutally towards Iraqis in attempts to find the mysterious sniper.

If he were still around and of an age for this kind of film, this would be a fantastic Charles Bronson vehicle. Iraqi everyman, tired of the thugs lording it over decent people goes out and takes them down, exposing them for the bullies and thugs that they are. This isn't even a US story so you can sidestep the whole "is the US right in Iraq" controversy.

When they figure out who this guy is, somebody ought to get him representation.

Posted by TMLutas at April 28, 2004 02:13 PM