March 23, 2004

Bear Update II

It looks like NZ Bear is still going through adjustments and for me, it's all good. for the first time, I've gotten out of my reptilian stage and am now a flappy bird. It's 8 more unique links (blogrolls are best) to adorable rodent, and 24 more unique links to marauding marsupial.

The question is, why care? For a few reasons. Many moons ago when I helped out with The Patriot over at SUNY Stony Brook, I saw real journalism first hand. We were a student publication but entirely advertising supported. The kind of politics we were advancing (heavy libertarian) neither would have permitted us to take coercively extracted student funds nor would the student government have likely given us an allocation (our reporting on student government antics was rather... severe).

I'd like to get back into public policy journalism, at least as a side line via this blog so I know that at around 10k readers people start treating you seriously for revenue generation purposes. Increasing links both increases hits via the links themselves and increases the likelihood that people will click on my blog based on the NZ Bear list itself.

But beyond making Flit(tm) a viable commercial property I'd like to see unique and interesting voices being able to blog on the payroll as part of a virtual think tank. To that end, the first $10k of income from the blog is going to go towards establishing a nonprofit so that hitting associated blogger's tip jars will be tax deductible donations and people who would do well on the writing end of professional blogging don't have to waste a great deal of their time on the finance end so that they can devote more time to thinking profound thoughts and furthering the public interest.

Posted by TMLutas at March 23, 2004 12:05 PM