March 12, 2004

If I Was a Spaniard in Chicago

I'd be truly ticked off.

I caught the Chicago CBS affiliate newscast and its meagre offering on the tragedy of Spain was so self-centered and isolationist as to seem to be a parody. The newscast was like that stuck up rich girl who, looking at a sea of human suffering is only focused on "but what does this mean for me and my needs." Instead of spending time telling where flowers and other condolences could be sent locally (Chicago has a consulate) they just passed right over that, and any other, basic bit of decency.

At least they managed to call the ETA terrorists.


There is a book of condolences available at the Spanish consulate that can be signed today until 2PM and Monday-Wednesday next week during the same hours. Contact information for the consulate is below:

180 N. Michigan Av.
Suite 1500,
Chicago, IL 60601.
(312) 782-4588

Posted by TMLutas at March 12, 2004 08:52 AM