February 29, 2004

The Harm In Gay Marriages

I challenge anybody who advocates gay marriages to produce someone on either side of the issue who foresaw this:

In another development related to the weddings, the Social Security Administration has told its offices nationwide not to accept marriage certificates from San Francisco as proof of identification for newlyweds looking to make name changes on Social Security cards.

A woman in San Francisco who gets married has lost the ability to have her name changed on the basis of a county emitted marriage license. It doesn't matter if she's married a man or a woman, she's lost that right. But the judges continue to declare "what's the harm?" and refuse to file injunctions.

Rod Dreher is the first I've seen to dare breath the big problem. Liberal elites who refuse to enforce the law are engaged in a creeping coup according to him. I wouldn't quite go that far yet because of the severe consequences such an act would bring, but that's the risk. Doing this through the judiciary instead of the legislature is going to lead to a loss of faith that the people actually govern here. In an armed society this is insanity, worse, it will destroy our current order without even working.

Posted by TMLutas at February 29, 2004 08:08 AM