February 17, 2004

Gay Marriage Update V

Andrew Sullivan is being a bit disingenuous when he claims that it's settled law that marriage is not federal. The entire phenomenon of gay marriage has been settled law for just as long and a few judges are in the process of changing that. The day after the first Massachusetts ruling I turned on NPR on a trip to a client and they were interviewing a gay rights activist clearly making the case that as soon as Massachusetts is settled, gays will be marrying and fanning out across the land to start court cases to get gay marriage recognized in other states.

As (ed: As Andrew Sullivan is) a politically active gay man who champions this issue, I find it extremely hard to believe that Andrew Sullivan is unaware that this is settled strategy in significant portions of gay activists. And if he were aware of it, he has an obligation to call out his fellow gays and tell them to cut it out if he truly believed that this is only going to be for Massachusetts, that marriage should not be federalized.

The gay campaign is revealing itself as low and dishonest.

Posted by TMLutas at February 17, 2004 12:40 PM