February 17, 2004

Letter to the Paper IV

City Comforts has the current lead in the race for the most unthinking and simplistic endorsement of polygamy yet:

Oh my. Do you actually think at all about the reasons against polygamy or does your 'whatever floats your boat' principles override any examination of the reality of polygamy?

The truth is that polygamy is almost always one man multiple women and that setup tends to profoundly affect civil order for the worse. Large pools of men who have no realistic hope of ever getting wives are a recipe for revolution.

To make any sort of accommodation to the polygamist, you have to think carefully about all the negative consequences, tote up the price that society will have to pay to survive the legalization of the institution and then make an informed decision.

The history of the harem is long and has been examined, though not lately. The only recent article I know of was an issue of National Review years ago (can't find it on the web). The bottom line was that high status women and low status men lost in this social arrangement. From a civil order perspective the high status weren't such a problem but those low status men...

He has comments off on this post (and no wonder) so I'm posting here.

Apparently I get results because the original post has been pulled.

Posted by TMLutas at February 17, 2004 08:54 AM