February 15, 2004

Kerry's Heroics, Kerry's Shame

I would offer the following up to those who might be a little confused about what is the proper way to treat a military figure such as John F. Kerry. The US has had heroes who flew higher than Kerry, and subsequently fell further than he did too. The figure I have in mind is General Benedict Arnold.

Kerry is not a traitor (unless Kerry has some heretofore undisclosed scandal rattling around in his closet) but his prior heroism should give him as much a pass on his subsequent perfidy as Gen. Benedict Arnold's. Now, it's a little known fact that in upstate NY there are plaques and memorials to Gen. Arnold. He's remembered much more fondly there than in any other part of the country because his heroics were largely there and largely affected that part of the country (then again, so did his treason) so here is my offer.

Those who were affected by Kerry's heroics should feel perfectly fine in supporting him, even crossing party lines to do so. Those affected by his perfidious flacking for the N. Vietnamese side (with false charges of massive war crimes) after his military service should feel perfectly justified in opposing him on those grounds as well. Either side should feel free to get as hot under the collar about it as they please but no blows, please.

The electoral balance of such a fair judgment, I suspect, will not sit well with the Kerry campaign. Tough.

Posted by TMLutas at February 15, 2004 02:46 PM