February 13, 2004

Russian Stability II

Earlier I mentioned some questions that I thought would further a loyal opposition. Clearly, at least one of the topics I raised is an actual election year issue

My Question:

1) If, God forbid, you were suddenly struck down, are you comfortable with the level of leadership you would leave behind in all major parties that no matter who won, Russia would be led by a responsible figure that the nation could survive? If no, what is your plan to take us out of this dangerous situation?

Putin's response on the subject:

Putin reiterated his stated opposition to prolonging his time in office, limited to two terms. But he indicated he would choose a preferred successor, saying that the task of any top leader ``is to propose to society a person he considers worthy to work further in this position.''

That attitude is not nearly good enough for Russia. I keep hoping that someone will push Putin for reforms in this area. The truth is that while a party leader cannot pick his opposition directly, he can move the statistical center of the electorate in such a way that anybody who has a serious shot at national office must take sustainable positions on the major issues confronting the country. Putin has a responsibility to lead Russia's electorate to such conclusions so that no matter who his opposition picks, no matter who his own party picks, Russia will survive, even thrive, no matter who wins the election.

Posted by TMLutas at February 13, 2004 08:56 AM