February 09, 2004

Turning the Cover Story Around

The folks over at Dhimmiwatch are always on the lookout for the appearance of dhimmitude, the subservient attitude that militant islam demands of its non-muslim subjects. Dhimmitude is not just a legal status in a caliphate population, it is a psychological attitude that presages defeat at the hands of muslim aggressors throughout history. It is the attitude that Al Queda wants to instill in us.

Now the Chicago Tribune note referenced in the above item is supposed to be an example of dhimmitude because it buys into a cover story that true Islam is not aggressive. Now I'm a bit more agnostic than the Dhimmiwatch folks but only a little bit. The cure for such arguments is to assume the cover story is actually the truth and strictly demand performance by the true believers to act in accord with the cover story. If there really is a fight for the soul of Islam, all well and good, we want to know all about it and demand that all muslims in our nation fight on the right side against the death cult islamists who want to enslave us.

But if it really is a cover story, close examination will force these people to either repudiate the cover story or enact it into reality despite their true beliefs. And if their behavior is the same as if they were sincere, I'll take it as a win and keep an eye on them so there is no backsliding. In a generation or two, they'll even forget that it's an act.

Posted by TMLutas at February 9, 2004 01:30 PM