February 06, 2004


Ralph Peters enlarges on my previous remarks on our Human Intelligence (HUMINT). He takes a much more negative view but we're both on the same track, who exactly was it that caused the intelligence agencies to require a 13 year rebuilding plan in HUMINT, of which we are 55% done (we're in the 7'th year, according to George Tenet).

I disagree some with Ralph Peters in that I don't think a 55% progress report is passing, or even close to acceptable for the USA. We're improving, and that's the message I took away from Tenet's admission but it's a self-admitted failing grade. You can't expect, nor would I forgive, a Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) who too boldly waved red flags and announced to our enemies that come on in the waters fine, our spies are mostly greenhorns and incompetents. That's just asking for trouble. But the 13 year rebuilding plan is sufficient notice for those with eyes and ears to note what is going on.

Most of all it is a call to not go into the field with machete drawn and silver platter ready to sport heads. If we're in the middle of a planned rebuilding cycle, this is something that needs strong oversight but not cries for blood on the editorial pages.

Posted by TMLutas at February 6, 2004 04:23 PM