February 05, 2004

Biological Delivery System But No Biological Weapons?

George Tenet has made a significant speech on the intelligence. Here are two paragraphs that should be headline material all around the world:

The question of intent, especially regarding the smaller unmanned aerial vehicle, is still out there. But we should remember that the Iraqis flight tested an aerial biological weapons spray system intended for a large unmanned aerial vehicle. 

A senior Iraqi official has now admit that their two large unmanned vehicles, one developed in the early '90s and the other under development in late 2000, were intended for the delivery of biological weapons.

Does it make any sense at all to have a biological weapons delivery system but no biological weapons? Think about it for a minute. I've said previously that we should be waiting for final reports. This sort of item is a great reason why.

Posted by TMLutas at February 5, 2004 10:51 PM