February 05, 2004

Dog Pack Attack

After reading this article over at Clayton Cramer's blog detailing the growing menace of dog packs and in the spirit of America's Army here's a suggestion for the NRA and the rest of the pro-gun rights NGOs, make a video game out of it.

Create a few animal/human interactions that require the use of a gun, make some of them big enough that some of the clip restrictions make a difference to success and create a database of actual incidents so that people can look things up and see how close their vacation spot is to that dog mauling 9 months ago or the moose stomping two years ago.

The concept could use some refining but the general need to educate people about gun ownership is very similar to the army's need to educate people about its subculture. It would be a shooting video game with a redeeming social purpose and would create a lot of awareness for the cause for relatively little money.

Posted by TMLutas at February 5, 2004 02:25 PM