February 02, 2004


Putting aside the main point for a second, an example Stanley Kurtz uses in his most recent gay marriage in Scandinavia article puzzles me. He refers to this article about pro-gay flags flying above two Norwegian parishes. From Kurtz's article, it appears that the Lutheran churches have a bishop who does not want those flags flown but the council has acted in defiance of his lawful authority.

What puzzles me is why those who represent orthodox christian views on the subject allow themselves to be bullied by a local majority of rebels. At least two council members were against it. The solution is simple to my eyes. If I were in such a position as a church council member. I would simply enter the church, take down the flag, pack it up and mail it to the bishop with the following note.

Dear Bishop XYZ,

Enclosed, please find one flag paid for with parish money that I took down from our church. I understand that you have forbidden this but since it's your parish, it's your flag so I leave it to you to do what you see fit with it.

I will continue to send any such flags I find flying illegally to you until you either lift your prohibition or put a stop to this foolish rebellion. Parish discipline is your business. Being faithful to your authority is mine.

Yours in Christ,

In NYC I knew a tough as nails priest who went through Romania's communist repression (he's since passed away). He would have understood my actions. In Chicago I knew an even tougher priest that went through the same hard prison camps. He would have thought I was being too civil. That's the school from which I took my faith. That's the kind of faith that is needed to take back a church.

I can't understand how the orthodox believers are tolerating it. I simply can't understand it.

Posted by TMLutas at February 2, 2004 09:17 PM