February 01, 2004

Doze Blogging

With a new baby and with my wife insisting on being the only one to take care of our daughter, I end up "making appearances" when she needs help. She can't walk very well and getting up and sitting down are torture. She almost killed herself climbing stairs (not recommended two days after a c-section) so she's camped out on the couch with our daughter next to her.

I doze asleep at the computer, wake up at a sound and try to stuff enough into my subconscious to create plentiful bloggy goodness for this brand new month. I guess such entries that arise out of such a state would best be categorized as doze blogging, not quite the same as writing while drinking but sharing many characteristics. It'll be interesting to see the results when fully awake, which should next happen about the time my daughter starts sleeping through the entire night.

Update: Well, that was interesting. I didn't get much done but had some very vivid dreams in betweeen playing Gungha Din to my wife's sahib all night.

Posted by TMLutas at February 1, 2004 01:03 AM