January 25, 2004

Brain Stuck

I've been writing and writing this weekend and it all turns to crud. I expanded my daily blog list in an asian direction and it's affecting how I think. Asians are so different and unfamiliar to me that I never quite know how they are going to jump (even though I have a very good friend who is korean) and there are so many of them on the express train to modernity that only a fool ignores them and their habits. The problem is that when I think, it interferes with current writing output.

I'm still managing to keep my output above my target 3/day average but its tough. It astounds me that the PRC hasn't flown to pieces yet. It shocks me how cruel and indifferent the people of the ROK are to their relatives and co-ethnics in the DPRK. And Japan's trip into demographic suicide territory is being handled in a very puzzling manner to me.

Posted by TMLutas at January 25, 2004 12:18 PM