January 22, 2004

Welcome New Readers: How'd You Get Here?

I've had popularity surges before, but usually I can figure out where the hits are coming from either by looking up Technorati, TTLB, or looking at Sitemeter stats. Alas, the hits spike, you get a few that stay but most of the benefit goes away after a few days.

The last few days have been different.

I did my usual weekend traffic crash and jumped up on Monday and I've been going steeply up since then. I can't figure out why because my linking stats don't seem to be going up on TTLB and It's not a sudden spike of traffic, just a steady increase in incoming flow.

I'm missing something, but what is it? Am I getting linked by blogs that aren't in TTLB or Technorati's database? I'd love to know.

Posted by TMLutas at January 22, 2004 12:30 AM