January 17, 2004

Bigotry On My Mind

I've been pondering a recent Cage Match article from the New York Press. The opening line in this remarkably bigoted work entitled "Onward (un)christian soldiers" goes "I am making this appeal to New York City, because this is the only place in America where such an appeal can still be made." bothered me as much as the rest of the piece. My family is in the middle of a pretty drawn out process of considering what we will do once my wife's present work contract ends, stay where we are or move. One of the places we might possibly move is the New York metropolitan area.

New York, for all its many positives, has long been made less attractive by its love affair with statism, generally aggressive and meanspirited attitude, and it's institutional hostility to christianity. Having spent the last half decade away from the place, I had almost forgotten about it. But, alas for my NY dwelling parents who want us back in the area, Matt Taibbi has given me a reminder of exactly why it bothered me in the first place. It's not a determinative blow. We're still exploring our options. It is merely a recent reminder that little of essence has changed about the place as far as elite attitudes toward religion and the atheists know it.

Posted by TMLutas at January 17, 2004 05:11 PM