January 07, 2004

Third Rail Politics

Robert Samuelson has a fairly clear article on the problems facing us regarding entitlement spending. It's high, looking to go higher, and will likely break the financial backs of the next generation.

It's also a textbook case of bias by omission, though. What he misses mentioning is that Democrats have a long and ignominious record of burying those who would haver solved this problem early. These are the people who created the programs and created the dishonest politics that defended them, turning them into the "third rail of American politics". That third rail swallowed up many a courageous and honest political career. So here we are just a few short years away from the crisis and the people responsible for halting reform are still getting away with it. Another round should be on display in the next two years as President Bush puts Social Security reform on the front burner.

HT: RealClear Politics

Posted by TMLutas at January 7, 2004 02:06 PM