January 05, 2004

Canadian Identity?

Tech Central Station has a good review of the Canadian movie Barbarian Invasions. In the movie, an enterprising son determines that his sick father would get better health care in the US but dad won't budge, "I voted for socialized health care, and I'm prepared to suffer the consequences!"

I can't say whether or not this sort of thing is remotely accurate but it's a canadian movie and a canadian reviewer so who am I to argue. What makes up national identity in Canada has had long and involved discussions on Flitters with little conclusion, other than there doesn't seem to be an extensive list that most Canadians would agree on. The whole subject puzzles me. You should know who you are, first of all. And Canada doesn't, or at least it can't seem to explain it to others. Inchoate nationalism is just asking for trouble with your neighbors. Perhaps this movie might help.

Posted by TMLutas at January 5, 2004 05:55 PM