January 01, 2004

Palestine Now! II

Recently Glenn Reynolds blew his stack over Palestine. Armed Liberal chides Glenn and says that while there isn't any hope of a state there today, it's worth maintaining our neutral arbiter role to eventually lead to a better palestinian society capable of maintaining a state.

They're both wrong. Palestine can and should exist now, just in a completely different configuration. The Pope and the Patriarchs need to be brought in to identify christian leaders who are untainted with the nihilistic death cult that infects palestinian muslims, and they need to be set up in the zones (redrawing municipal lines if necessary) of christian majority as a full state.

The EU needs to stop funding the terrorists and funnel aid through this new state which Israel would give the right to take new territory into from the occupied territories absent the 3-5% of land which it would annex for military purposes. Perhaps this would be best done as a sale from the new Palestine govt. to Israel, along the lines of the Gadsden purchase. At that point, money the Israelis would be off the hook for administering the territories and for future sovereignty decisions. The christian dominated government could incorporate muslim dominant territories on its own pace but would have the international legitimacy and the bulk of the aid money so they could defang the violent nihilists who use Islam as cover.

The demographics of the new state and territories would guarantee that the founding fathers would put strict protections for minority rights. After all, they know that eventually, they're going to be a minority themselves. This would create a unique and positive dynamic to be created.

The only missing piece is where the force would come from to enforce Palestinian law until their own armed forces would be sufficient for the job.

Posted by TMLutas at January 1, 2004 12:19 PM