December 24, 2003


At this joyous time of the year, the 2nd most important holiday of the Christian calendar, it's become somewhat traditional to issue puffy wishes of joy filled with sweetness and light to all.

I say hogwash.

Christmas is a time to celebrate and take down our masks of indifference to religion, to put away our fears of offending others and concentrate on being our christian selves and loudly proclaim the truth. Christ is born on Christmas day. Bow down as the shepherds and the Magi did and recognize Him come to save us from sin.

Christmas is the start of God's fulfillment of his longstanding promise of a Messiah to save us from the consequences of Adam's sin. That promise culminates in Easter but Christmas is the start of these fateful events. Love each other as he loved us all. Celebrate his coming with joy, laughter and gift giving. Remember that Santa Claus, at his root, has always been Saint Nicholas.

So wish all those 'happy holidays' fudgers a merry Christmas and marvel at the miracle of Christs birth, always keeping joy in your heart. Be yourselves and if you get greetings from somebody who is celebrating something else with all his heart take their sincere happy wishes with a smile and a silent prayer that by next Christmas they too, will have seen the little star of Bethlehem and will join you to proclaim the miracle of Christ's birth.

Posted by TMLutas at December 24, 2003 03:52 PM