December 19, 2003

An Atta/Saddam Debunking?

Newsweek is running a debunking of the Telegraph story I previously commented on.

The debunking, like the original memo, leaves enough holes so that the issue has to remain in doubt. If the FBI doesn't know whether Atta flew to Vegas, how do they know that he didn't take a short trip for a three day training session in Iraq? The debunkers don't say because it's inconvenient to their case. At the same time, they do have a point that there are an awful lot of fake documents flying around Iraq these days. This easily could be one of those.

The cure is patience and a demand that these things be verified or debunked definitively by professionals in the field of document analysis. Has handwriting analysis been done on the memo (it's in longhand)? Who did it and what were the results? No national security secrets would be compromised by answering these questions so why are neither the Telegraph nor Newsweek pressuring the US government or the IGC to release the relevant information?

Posted by TMLutas at December 19, 2003 12:07 PM