December 17, 2003

DDT ban death toll

One of my pet peeves is the moral superiority that many on the left put on, even as their policies cause the deaths of so many. They have blood dripping from their hands and piously proclaim that they are the true moralists. Communists are probably the most famous for this but today, I thought I'd let loose a bit on environmentalists.

To save some birds from DDT it must be banned. But how are we to save people from malaria? There is no real answer to that as DDT is unique in its effectiveness, safety, and low cost. And while the environmentalists force DDT to the sidelines in the fight against malaria the death toll keeps climbing. Here's a malaria death clock in french and the google translation in english.

The next time you see an environmentalists pretending to be a moralist, look at your watch. Every 10.5 seconds of blather = one death, most of the time a child under 5 or a pregnant woman.


HT to Tech Central Station which is running a good article on the precautionary principle as applied to pesticides.

Posted by TMLutas at December 17, 2003 11:40 AM