December 13, 2003

Voting to Kill Canadians III

Chip Taylor notes that Pfizer has started to limit shipments to Canada. I've written about this here and here.

I really truly hope that pharmacists aren't stupid and Canada can impose enough internal controls to quash this practice but the warning shots are over and the first real shot in anger has been fired. I just want to say that when it comes time to assess blame and point the grieving families at the proper people to blame let's not forget that it is illegal for pharma board of directors to slit their own throats and eviscerate their profits as the reimportation crowd wants. The true villains of the piece are the legislators, heads of government, and bureaucrats who put us all into this nasty spot over the past several decades. It's been a long, slow avalanche but we're getting to the point where it'll be coffins, not pocketbooks at stake.

I pray we can still avert disaster.

Posted by TMLutas at December 13, 2003 01:02 PM