December 10, 2003

The Imam's Duty

Either Lee Malvo is practicing Jihad (spiritual warfare) or Hirabah (banditry). The truth is that Islam is a religion without a Pope or Patriarch. There is no one guy who we can go to and tell who's legitimately Islamic and who is not. Thus it devolves on the world's community of Imams (teachers) to make it clear which is which. If Malvo, if Mohammed are bandits then Imams should be asked to render an Islamic judgment as to what is the fitting punishment for such people.

Will the Imams do their duty unasked? The outlook doesn't look hopeful. But if they won't, they should be asked, and often, to define the difference between the two and what should be done with muslim bandits who prey on us all.

Posted by TMLutas at December 10, 2003 11:45 AM