September 26, 2003

Now Bush isn't even #2?

The left has often made the charge that President Bush is a mere puppet to Dick Cheney who really runs the country. Well the frenchman whose bestselling novel claims that 9/11 was all a US plot has put out another derivative card deck listing its own axis of evil, the Bush 'regime'. Here, President Bush isn't even the number two man on the list, but is all the way down to number 5.

The new number two is Dick Cheney, the Ace of Diamonds. The top five are:

1. Donald Rumsfeld
2. Dick Cheney
3. Ralph E. Eberhart
4. Franklin Graham
5. George W. Bush

There are two jokers in the deck. They are Osama bin Laden and Colin Powell.

Words fail.

Posted by TMLutas at September 26, 2003 11:21 AM