August 31, 2003

Stream of Consciousness Sunday I

Ah Sunday, a good day to turn off the normal filters that keep me semi-coherent during the week and let my id out for walkies.

- Can the difference in being willing to accept international treaties between the EU and the US be explained by the major EU powers' greater willingness to simply abrogate inconvenient treaties much more easily than the US would do the same?

- If Galileo's trial was really about him sticking his nose into scriptural interpretation and demanding the Church adopt his position before all the evidence was in, doesn't this give scientists an entirely new lesson about the Galileo affair?

- What kind of nutcake idiocy is this 'blogger alliance'? Is it just juvenile hijinks or a byzantine conspiracy to get the mainstream not to take bloggers seriously? I'd announce a "You've got to be kidding" alliance but even my id has more dignity.

- When will the idiotarians realize that not treating people seriously when they say they want to overthrow your government and make you a second class citizen is out and out bigotry? Will they ever be ashamed of not treating our opposition with respect?

- With the BBC going to publish its archives on the net free for private use, how soon will we be able to get Internet appliances that look and function like a TV but 'tune' into a web stream?

- In the same vein when will we get TVs that separate out the picture tube from the electronics? I'd pay to replace the board so I can get HDTV, TVoIP, etc but I don't need a new tube. Why isn't some manufacturer addressing this market?

Posted by TMLutas at August 31, 2003 09:28 PM