July 12, 2003

Where next on the witch hunt parade

Now that George Tenet has taken responsibility for the, now demonstrated false, Niger uranium accusations, what's the next on the witch hunt parade? Clearly, the Democrat strategy of creating the impression that the Iraq war was illegitimate will continue but it's pretty thin broth and getting thinner.

With stories about the "Sunni Triangle" regularly coming out, its become clear that the attacks are only coming from the most unsympathetic of minorities, Sunni Arabs who disproportionately benefited from Saddam's bloodstained regime. Kurds seem focused on rebuilding their areas, not committing revenge killings, and while Shia unhappiness with their post-Saddam progress gets stirred by Iranian agents, their greatest difficulties seem looting related, something almost useless for Democrat political ambitions.

Oh well, maybe the upcoming Iraqi anniversary spree will provide sufficient gore or tales of black unemployment will fire up the Democrat base. If they don't, the Democrats might have the unthinkable on their hands, a Republican dominated government with insufficient Democrat Senate votes to reliably hold a filibuster. The US era of divided government will be over.

Posted by TMLutas at July 12, 2003 12:52 PM